The Charles Dickens Carolers are featured in the hilarious Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Holidays by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht!

Those of you who have enjoyed the various installments of the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks will be delighted to know there's a new volume designed to prepare you for surviving the holidays!

Read all about how to:

Fend off a charging reindeer;

What to do with that inedible fruitcake;

How to treat mistletoe poisoning ;

And our personal contribution:

"How to Silence a Group of Carolers!"

The Charles Dickens Carolers were interviewed by co-author Joshua Piven for this segment and the ensuing "How to Sing Along When You Don't Know the Words" section. Their advice on the subject is credited in the reference section in the back of the book.

Visit the Worst Case Scenario website to order your copy - or just to have a good laugh. The book may be ordered online and found in bookstores everywhere!



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